Today FIA Sub Inspector Virtual University Online Test Solved Mcqs||FIA Sub Inspector Test Mcqs

Today virtual university conducted FIA Sub Inspector/ASI test .The test was online through computer here in this post you will get today 13Dec FIA sub inspector mcqs.These mcqs are collected from Facebook and we are just sharing these FIA Today test mcqs for awareness.For more FIA Test Mcqs, Pdf book visit our website

Today 13 December 2021 FIA Sub Inspector Test MCQS

Sub Inspector
Assistant Sub Inspector
FIA_VU Test 13/12/2021
1.K.k. Aziz wrote book name? The making of Pakistan
2.Bativa old name of?       jakarta
3.LDA stand for? Lahore Development authority
4.Ctrl+z key for previous action? undo
5. Professional social media app? linkedin
6.Social media app to sharing pics n videos? instagram
7.Lack Jackson location? Floida
8.Rainiest place of Pakistan? murree
9.Objective movement present for? 8 years
10.East Pakistan new name? bangladesh
11.Pakistan wins first hockey final for gold medal in which year?1960(rome)
12.Australia won world cup final 2007 against?SriLanka
13.1989 which international organization became?FATF
1 bit= ?0.125 byte
14.Bigest unit of memory?Zettabyte
15.MB stand for?megabyte
16. Educating the people through computer? E Learning
17. Brazil won football cups how many times?5
18. In quba hazart Muhammad s.a hosted by?Hazrta abu ayub ansari RA
19. Zkat & usher ordinanc year? 1980
20. Nissab of Gold zkat?7 1/2
21.Rooh ullah?Hazrat ISA
22. Azan not compulsory for two prayers?Janaza and Eid Nimaz
23. Nehro report presented under the chairmanship of?moti lal nehru
24. Cutting the trees creat disturbance to? climate
25. Sarc  organization HQ location? Khatmandu
26. Inthe absence of president of Pakistan who become president?senate chairman
27. In Ms Excel coulmn present in? Numbers, roman number etc numbers
28. In power point first slide name?Title slide
29. Biggest export of Pakistan?textile
30. Pakistan joined seto and Cento years?1954 and 1955
31. Biggest cell in human body?Ovum
32. Pituitary gland work?tell other ogans to release hormones
33. Balochistan area percentage total area of Pakistan?44
34. Sir Creek line between India and Pakistan which boundary?Run of kutch/Green line

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