Download Bascic IT/Computer MCQS for PESCO Meter Reader ALM Jobs 2022

As a Pesco meter reader and Assistant Line Man ALM test is scheduled on 28th May 2022.So here govtpakjobs website have collected most important IT Computer Notes and MCQS for you so that you can get good marks in upcoming pesco uet test .The basic it mcqs includes basic computer, hardware and other important mcqs.So all candidates should study these mcqs so that they get good marks in PESCO meter reader ALM Tests.

Most Important Information Technology IT Computer MCQA For PESCO Meter Reader ALM Test

As Pesco ALM test will be on 28th may 2022.Here in this section I have collected most important basic computer Information Technology Mcqs for pesco meter reader test.All these important IT mcqs have been collected from pakmcqs and other important websites.These are very important IT Mcqs for both uet pesco meter reader and assistant lineman ALM test.You can download PDF of these mcqs from

PESCO Meter Reader ALM Basic IT Class 6th Mcqs

Basic IT Computer Notes MCQS For Meter Reader ALM Test

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