New Salary  Chart 2022–KPK Budget 2022 Salary Increase Chart

Today on 13th june 2022 KPK Finance minister Taimoor Jhaghra has announced KPK Budget 2022. The good news in budget for government employees is that kp government has announced 16% increase in basic salary of all government employees. The 16% increase will be implemented on Basic Pay Scale 2017. Before this in March 2022 KPK government has also announced Disparity reduction allowance.The DRA was 25% on basic pay scale of 2017.

Similarly on 10th June 2022 Federal Government has also announced budget and announced overall 15% increase in basic pay of all government employees. The most remarkable decision taken by federal government of PML N is that all adhoc relief allowances from 2016 to 2021 have been merged in basic pay of government employees.So in this way for all over Pakistan the new Pay Scale 2022 will be introduced.The basic pay 2017 will now be replaced by basic pay scale 2022. This will be implemented in all over Pakistan in all 4 provinces. Due to Adhoc relief allowances mergeness the government. employees major demand is now fullfilled. It is now the time that all employees should work for the progress of Pakistan because major demands of all employees have now been fullfilled.
Also federal government announced 100% increase in convenience allowance.

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