Pak Army Soldier/ Clerk Past Paper PDF|Download Past Papers for Pak Army

Pakistan Army past papers for sipahi soldier and sipahi clerk is now available on all candidates who have applied for Pak army jobs and want to get past papers of Pak army in PDF, they can now get perk army PDF past papers without any cost.Pak Army sipahi past paper soldier past paper and test pattern is very important to get good marks in Pak Army written test.Army Past paper for clerk is also available and all candidates who are going to appear in Pakistan Army Clerk test should follow the pattern of Pak Army Clerk Past Papers.

Pak Army Clerk Test Pattern/Syllabus 2022

Pakistan Army clerk test and soldier test pattern are given below.

Total Test Marks:100

Type Of Questions

1.Translate Into English

2.Translate Into Urdu

3.Write Application on Any Given topic In English

4.Change Of Active and Passive Voice

5.Fill in the blanks with Suitable Prepositions

Pak Army Sipahi Soldier Test Pattern/Syllabus

  • 1.Write An Essay in Urdu on any topic 10 Marks
  • 2.Write Ten Sentences on any Topic In English 10 Marsk
  • 3.Translation from English to urdu 10 Marks
  • 4.Translation from Urdu To English 10 Marks
  • 5. Write singular and plurals of given words 10 Marks
  • 6. Write sentences in correct order 10 Marks
  • 7. Write feminine and masculine of given words 10 Marks
  • 8. Solve simple math problems 10 Marks
  • 9. Fill in blanks and true false 10 Marks 10. Fill in the blanks and simple short Questions 10 Marks

Pak Army Sipahi Soldier Past Paper

Pak Army Clerk Past Paper In PDF

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