Frontier Crops (South) NOC for 2465 Sepoy Jobs 202

Good news for all Frontier Crops jobs aspirants that Establishment division has issued 2465 Sepoy Jobs NOC.So in next 2465 new Sepoy General Duty jobs are expected to be announced by Frontier Crops FC(South ) D.I.Khan Headquarter.The jobs which will be announced by FC SOUTH includes 2180 Sepoy General Duty Jobs, 57 Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Sepoy, 106 Nursing Sepoy, 58 Cook Sepoy and 51 other sepoy cader jobs.The candidates will have to apply online FC Feontier Crops KP South official website i e .

فرنٹیر کور میں بہت جلد نئی آسامیوں کا اشتہار آ جائے گا جس کی باقاعدہ این او سی بھی ہوچکی ہے نیچے آپ دیکھ سکتے ہیں

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