KP PTI-Led Government Makes History with Massive Scale Upgradation for 100,000 Teachers on Final Day in Office

On the final day of the provincial assembly, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Cabinet, led by the Chief Minister, made a historic decision to upgrade the scales of all cadre teachers. This decision will be remembered in the annals of the KP Education Department.

KPK Teachers Scale Upgradation Detail
KP Teachers Upgradation Updates

The Cabinet approved the upgrading of 16,000 Secondary School Teachers (SSTs) from BPS-16 to BPS-17, 98,000 Primary School Teachers (PSTs) from BPS-12 to BPS-14, CT, CT IT, PET, DM, AT ,TT will be upgraded  from BPS-15 to BPS-16. This move will greatly benefit the teachers, as it will result in a significant increase in their salaries and benefits.

In addition to the scale upgrading of teachers, the Cabinet also approved a four-tier teaching formula. This formula will ensure that all teachers are evaluated on a regular basis, and those who meet certain standards will be promoted to higher grades. This will help to improve the overall quality of education in the province, as it will encourage teachers to work harder and perform better.For more latest news visit our daily latest news section.

The decision to upgrade the scales of teachers is a commendable move by the outgoing government, as it will greatly benefit the teachers who have been working hard to educate the future generations. This move is also in line with the government’s commitment to improving the standard of education in the province. It is hoped that the incoming government will continue to prioritize education and take similar steps to improve the conditions of teachers in the province.

In conclusion, the decision made by the KP Cabinet on the final day of the provincial assembly to upgrade the scales of all cadre teachers and approve a four-tier teaching formula will be remembered as a historic moment in the education department of KP. This move will not only benefit the teachers but also improve the education standard in the province.

KP Cabinet Decision Details 

The following Teaching caders scale will be upgrade.

SST Teachers BPS-16 to BPS-17:

There 16000 SST male and female teachers are working in KPK.So now all these SST Teachers will be upgraded to Bps-17 from 1st July 2003.

2.PST Teachers from BPS-12 to BPS-14:

The Primary School Teacher PST is backbone of education department and therefore KP Government led by PTI has decided to upgrade 51 thousand PST Teachers scale from BPS-12 to BPS-14.In same way SPST will be prompted to BPS-15 and HPST Teachers will be promoted to BPS-16.

Note:In Punjab, Sindh and  Balochistan all Primary school teachers are already working in BPS-14.

3.Qari Teachers Bps-12 to BPS-14:

The Qari teachers will be upgraded from BPS-12 to BPS-14.

4.CT-CT IT ,PET ,AT ,DM and TT Teachers Upgradation:

CT-CT IT ,PET ,AT ,DM and TT Teachers will be upgraded from Bps-15 to Bps-16.

KPESED Teachers Upgradation Chart
Kpesed Teachers Upgradtion Chart

How Cabinet Decision will be implemented

After cabinet decision the Head of Department Secretary is bound to implement the decision of cabinet according to GOVERNMENT OF NWFP ESTABLISHMENT & ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT (Regulation Wing) 1985.The complete file is uploaded in PDF download this document and study all rules in detail.


(1) When a case has been decided by the Cabinet, the Department concerned
shall take prompt action to give effect to the decision.
(2) To ensure implementation of the Cabinet decisions, the Secretary of each
Department shall keep a record of all the decisions conveyed to him and
shall watch progress of action until it is completed. It shall be his
responsibility, as Secretary of the Department sponsoring the case, to
consult or inform any other Department concerned, in order to ensure implementation of the decisions.

(3) The Chief Secretary shall watch the implementation of each decision of the
Cabinet, and the Secretary in the Department concerned shall supply to the
Chief Secretary such documents as the latter may, by general or special
request, require to enable him to complete his record of the case.
(4) The Chief Secretary shall maintain the record of each case submitted to the
Cabinet which shall consist of
(a) a copy of all papers issued under rule 22(3), 23 and 24(1);
(b) a copy of the records prepared under rule 22(7), 23 and 24(3).
(5) The Governor shall be kept informed of all decisions of the Cabinet.

Kp Cabinet Decision rules 1985
KP PST SST Teachers Upgradtion Summary
CT PET DM Cader upgradtion kpesed
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