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Self Enumeration portal Pakistan is now live and every citizen can now register in &th digital censuses. Self Enumeration is the first digital step taken by Pakistan Bureau Of Statistics PBS to facilitate citizen of Pakistan to take part in 7th digital census from their home. The citizen can also download Self Enumeration app from plays store and also register their family by entering your family information. Self-Enumeration, various centers such as Hostels, Hotels, Madrassahs, Orphanages, Old Houses, Jails, and Rehabilitation Centers like Edhi or others are treated as Collective Households.The online self-enumeration portal will be operational from February 20, 2023. Therefore, kindly visit the pbs self-enumeration website to register.Registration to Self Enumeration 7th Digital Census 2023 via

Self Enumeration for 7th Digital Censuses Last Date Extended

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has commenced a physical door-to-door self-enumeration campaign, effective from 1st March 2023 until 4th April 2023. Individuals can participate by providing family details to self enumerators or can register online on on or before 10th March 2023. The complete online registration process for the digital census enumeration, along with instructions, is also available on the aforementioned website. For further information, please visit

1Registration link Self Enumeration Click Here
2Portal LoginClick Here
3Registration StartFebruary 20, 2023
4Last Date of Self Enumeration March 10, 2023

Self Enumeration Registration at” Complete Method

Those candidates who wants to complete Online Registration to Self Enumeration 7th Digital Census 2023 should follow the given procedure below.

Step 1:-
At first step applicants have to simply visit through official web page. After accessing to Self Enumeration 7th Digital Census Web Portal you have to click on Online Registration button at side corner. After that Self Enumeration Online Registration page will open in front of you.
Step 2:-
In 2nd step you have to click on login option , then put your Mobile Number, Password in given box. Then for confirmation you have to re-type the password in it.
Step 3:-
In 3rd phase of Online Registration to Self Enumeration you have to put your family data in it. The family Data will constitute of Name of Faimly members, Age , Relation , Education details and Head of your home who takes the responsibility of your family.
Step 4:-
In 4th phase of Online Registration to Self Enumeration 7 Digital Census 2023 you have to put all the housing details in it especially owner of of your home who takes the responsibility of your family income and other requirements like source of eating and drinking.

Step 5:-
In 5th phase once you provide all the information . You have to check all the category carefully either there is any mistake in it or not. Then click on submit button . Then your registration to Self Enumeration 7 Digital Census will be done.For any query while registering online for 7th Digital census visit

Self Enumeration www self pbs gov pk
Self Enumeration www self pbs gov pk 2023

Self enumeration portal 2023 is full functional and working properly.The citizen and interested ones can now register their family in on going 7th digital census.The self enumeration portal whose website address is “ 2023” is accessible and if your are facing any issue visit Pakistan Bureau of statistics official website app-login Method

The self enumeration registration via self pbs gov pk through mobile app is also major concern for candidates applying for self enumeration digital censues.Self Enumeration app available on playstore is not in working condition. So keep in mind the app designed by Pakistan Bureau of statistics for self enumeration registration is not working properly. Therefore, I will suggest to my visitors that don’t look for app and directly self enumeration portal. Once you visit portal click on login option if you have completed already registration process.

Self Enumeration Registration Deadline

The self enumeration deadline date is 3rd March 2023.The candidates can register online via self enumeration web portal from 20th February to 3rd March 2023.

Self Enumeration Portal Pakistan

Self Enumeration Portal Pakistan is specially designed for 7th digital census Pakistan.The web address for self enumeration portal Pakistan is portal will only be available from 20th February to 3rd March 2023.The self enumeration poral is designed in a very easy way and if you don’t understand English than just click on above Language option.Change language to urdu to to register successfully for self enumeration.If you still confuse in any steps watch the video below to clarify your confusion.

Pbs self enumeration Pakistan Bureau of Statistics

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has successfully completed the training of enumerators for the 7th Digital Census. As an attendee of the training program, I am pleased to announce that I will be working as a Supervisor of enumerators for this census.

Starting from March 1st, 2023, the physical door-to-door enumeration process will commence, and it will continue until April 1st, 2023. This census aims to gather accurate and up-to-date information about Pakistan’s population, housing, and other important demographic factors.

Moreover, PBS is also in the process of implementing a self-enumeration system, which will enable every Pakistani citizen to self-enumerate via until March 3rd, 2023. This system will provide a convenient way for citizens to participate in the census, and it will help in achieving an accurate and comprehensive representation of Pakistan’s population.

Be a responsible citizen and take part in this important initiative by PBS. Your contribution can make a significant difference in shaping the future of Pakistan.

How To Self Enumerate

Self Enumeration Portal Pakistan Registration Process
Self Enumeration portal advertisement

What is self enumeration?

Self Enumeration is a process in which a citizen or participants takes part by filling online registration, survey or questionnaire.The process depends on the department or researcher process.For example Pakistan Bureau of statistics is this time conducting online Self enumeration to provide the citizen of Pakistan an opportunity to take part in country 7th Digital census.The citizen can self enumerate through Pakistan self enumeration portal

Is the Enumerator will visit the houses after self enumeration process for 7th digital census?

Yes the Enumerators will visit door to door houses in Pakistan 7th Largest digital censuses.So if any person misses the opportunity of online self enumeration don’t worry because the Pakistan Bureau of statistics self enumeration team will visit your house.The door to door enumeration process will start from 1st March 2023 and will continue upto 30th March 2023.

What is the purpose of self-enumeration via

The purpose of self-enumeration via is to allow individuals to provide their demographic and household information for the purpose of national census.So all citizen must register thier family in 7th National Digital Census 2023.

Who is eligible to participate in self-enumeration via

All Pakistani citizens, including those living abroad, are eligible to participate in self-enumeration.It is national duty to participate in self enumeration and 7th digital census so that government can estimate exact resources and funds for upcoming years.

What is the deadline for completing the self-enumeration process?

The deadline for completing the self-enumeration process is 3rd March 2023. So it is recommended to enumerate before deadline.

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