Cabinet Division Unveils Toshakhana Records for the First Time in Pakistan’s History

Today on 12th March 2023 Federal government has announced to release the complete Toshakhana record for the first time in History of Pakistan. This move was taken by Federal government to counter Imran Khan narrative and to disclose the Imran Khan record which he received from Toshakhana.The complete 444 pages record has been uploaded on Cabinet Division website

It is with great pride that we announce a historic moment for Pakistan. On Sunday, the federal government unveiled the record of Toshakhana gifts received since 2002 to the public for the first time. This monumental step towards transparency and accountability reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring openness and honesty in all its affairs.

The federal government of Pakistan has released a comprehensive 446-page record of Toshakhana gifts received between 2002 and March 2023, shedding light on the gifts received by presidents, prime ministers, and federal ministers over the years. The document reveals that the current government received a total of 59 gifts during the ongoing year.

توشہ خانہ کی مکمل تفصیل اوپر ویڈیو میں

As per the records released by the government, the highest number of gifts, totaling 224, were received in 2022, followed by 116 gifts in 2021, 175 gifts in 2018, and 91 gifts in 2014. Additionally, government officials received a total of 177 gifts in 2015, as per the newly released records. The publication of this information marks a significant step towards ensuring greater transparency and accountability in the country’s governance.

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