Free Atta 8070 Scheme Registration 2023-Apply online Muft Atta Scheme 8070 web portal

Punjab Government have launched Free Atta Scheme 2023. The Goal of Free Atta Scheme is to provide a special relief to those families who’s monthly income is less than 60000. The Aims of Free Atta Scheme is to provide free ATA to Punjab citizens during holy month of Ramadan. Aspirants will receive these Packages of 8070 Free Atta Scheme at phase wise. A separate 8070 web portal has been launched and now citizen can register on 8070 web portal for free atta program.The Free Atta Scheme worth is 4 billions rupees and aims to benefit 10 crore people. Asparints who are willing For Free Atta Scheme Online Apply they should send their CINIC Number with Word ATTA on 8070 through SMS.

How Can I Do Free Atta Online Registration :-

For Online Registration to Free Atta Scheme 2023 aspirants must have a valid computerized CINIC Number. This valid CINIC have to type on your PTA Registered Mobile Phone along with word ATA and send it on 8070 through SMS. After that you soon receive a confirmation message. After receiving message your Registration to “Free Atta Online Registration” is done.

Free Atta KP Gov PK :-

Government of KPK also announced Free Atta Scheme for KPK citizens. Candidates who wants to check his registration to Free Atta Scheme. Asparints have to visit through official website. After access to Free Atta Scheme Official web Portal aspirants have to enter his CINIC Number and then enter given code. After that your Registration will be shown on your mobile screen. Those candidates of KPK are eligible for KPK Free Atta Scheme who are already registered with BISP.

8070 Free Atta App web portal:-

The Free Atta Scheme App is still not launched by the government of Pakistan. So candidates should be aware about Free Atta Registration App. Candidates should be know that For Online Registration to Free Atta Scheme there is no need to Download Free Atta App because candidates can send his CINIC number on 8070 by SMS after that his registration to Free Atta Scheme will be done.

Who is Eligible for Free Atta Scheme…?

  • Candidates having nationality of Punjab are eligible for Free Atta Scheme.
  • Candidates whose monthly Revenue is less than 60000 are eligible for free Atta Online Registration.
  • Candidates having nationality of KPK are eligible for KP free Atta Scheme.
  • But Only those candidates of KPK are eligible Who is already registered with BISP.

مفت آٹا لینے کے لئے رجسٹریشن کا مکمل طریقہ نیچے ویڈیو میں

How Can I Apply For Free Atta..?

For Free Atta Scheme Online Apply aspirants have to send his CINIC Number on 8070.

When does Registration start for Free Atta Scheme…?

The Registration For 8070 Free Atta Scheme is Start from 15 March 2023.

What benefits do I get from Free Atta Scheme…?

Candidates can get free utility store PSPA registered store and truck ride.

Ehsaas ATA Parogram Online Registration:-

Aspirants who wants to apply for Ehsaas ATA Parogram Online Registration 2023. Candidates must have a Valid CINIC and send his CINIC number with ATA on 8070 by SMS. After that applicants will receive a confirmation message from 8070 Free Atta Scheme.

8070 ATA Web Portal:-

8070 Web Portal ATA Online Registration process is open to everyone with valid CINIC Number and it can be completed in few steps. Asparints have to visit through Punjab Social Protection Authority PSPA each individual can fill out the required details and submit the Registration Form.

8070 Free Atta Scheme Advertisement

Is Government launched 8070 ATA app…?

Yet government have not launched the 8070 ATA App.

Can we apply through 8070 Free Atta App…?

Candidates can apply for Free Atta Scheme without downloading 8070 Free Atta App.

How we can check Registration on Free Atta KP Gov PK…?

Citizens of KPK check his registration by visiting official website. by entering his CINIC number.

Who launched 8070 Rashan Program…?

Government of Punjab launched 8070 Rashan Program.

Who is Eligible for 8070 ATA Registration Online…?

Faimlies who’s monthly payment is less than 60000 are eligible for 8070 ATA Registration Online 2023.

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