Live Tracker 2023- Free Sim Data Base Online Cnic Information 

Live Tracker 2023- Free Sim Data Base Online Cnic Information

Live Tracker is a mobile application that tracks the sim record and give us valid sim data base online cnic information.As we know pta has launched a sperate web portal for sim and cnic information system verification.In same way Live tracker app can also track and verify mobile number and give us exact number of sims registered on any cnic number.With Live Tracker, users can track the location of any mobile phone in real-time. This means that they can locate the phone on a map and see where it is at any given time and this live tracker helps the parents to track their kids.This live tracker application provides accurate and up to date information about location of any mobile, cnic information , sim card information, pak sim data, sim data base online and registered mobile number on any cnic.

Live Tracker 2023- Free Sim Data Base Online Cnic Information

Pak Sim Database online 2023

Pak sim database online 2023 complete information is now available on PTA cnic information system This website is a complete sim database  that have complete record of all sims registered against any cnic of any mobile operator.In same way our Live tracker app also provides this facility to check sim card record , sim information and cnic information. This Live tracker also helps the parents to track  their kids and find mobile easily when lost.The Pak Sim Database Online 2023 is a powerful tool that enables users to track the location of any mobile phone in Pakistan.

Trace Mobile Number in Pakistan With Name and CNIC via Live Tracker

Live Tracker is a highly effective mobile number tracking system in Pakistan, which allows users to track phone number details along with the name of the phone owner free of cost. It is considered the best free online tracker that can help users to locate the exact location of a phone in just a short span of time.Using Live Tracker is very easy, and anyone with access to the internet can use it to track the location of a mobile phone in Pakistan. The user only needs to enter the phone number they wish to track into the search bar, and Live Tracker will immediately provide the phone owner’s name and the phone’s current location on a map.This live tracker has also another additional feature that it also provides  complete record and history of all mobile numbers by providing only cnic of any desired person.It will show the all mobile numbers registered on that cnic along with address of that person.

How To Trace  Mobile Phone Number using Live Tracker

Live tracker now enable anyone to trace mobile number of any person.This Live tracker also helps the people to know exact number of sim card registered on their cnic.To trace mobile phone number via Live tracker follow this method.

1.First of all visit cnic aim information official website or use our Live tracker as given below

2.Enter you cnic number in chec box of live tracker

3.Click on check now button and live tracker will start tracking phone number.

4.wait for few moments and Live tracker will give you complete sim card information along will all phone numbers registered on that phone number.

5.For more details visit cnic information system website

Live Tracker 2023- Free Sim Data Base Online Cnic Information
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