PM Kisan Kyc 2023-  check PM Kisan beneficiary status via

PM Kisan Kyc  2023-  check PM Kisan beneficiary status

PM Kisan Kyc 2023 is short form of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana Scheme initiated by government of india in 2019.In this PM kisan kyc the eligible farmers get Rs 6000 per years in three equal installments of Rs 2000 each.This is one of the most revolutionary step taken by government of india that helps the farmers to get financial support throughout the year.The eligible farmers have to apply online or check PM Kisan beneficiary status via Pm kisan official website  The   pm kisan 13th installment was released on 27th February 2023 .The PM kisan 14th installment will be released in between April to June 2023.In this article I will provide you complete details about PM kisan Kyc status, PM kisan beneficiary status, ekyc pm kisan, pm kisan next installment and pm kisan aadhaar link details.For PM kisan online apply and online registration visit pm kisan official web portal .

PM Kisan Kyc 2023

PM Kisan kyc 2023 next (14th) installment is expected between May to June 2023.Kyc is short term for Know your customer in PM Kisan Scheme.The kyc is a process used to identify the true beneficiary for PM Kisan kyc scheme 2023.This e kyc system is developed to prevent the the system from fake beneficiaries and money laundering.To apply successfully for PM kisan e  kyc the farmers have to provide adhar card number ,land and other personal details.The same pm kisan e kyc complete details is available at

पीएम किसान के लिए ऑनलाइन केवाईसी कैसे करें ?

पीएम किसान लाभ पाने के इच्छुक किसानों को पर जाकर पीएम किसान के लिए ऑनलाइन पंजीकरण कराना होगा। अपनी पंजीकरण प्रक्रिया को पूरा करने के लिए अपना आधार कार्ड बैंक खाता और अन्य विवरण प्रदान करें। अपने निकटतम सीएससी केंद्रों पर जाकर पीएम किसान केवाईसी प्रक्रिया को पूरा करने का एक और तरीका है। अपना विवरण प्रदान करें और पीएम किसान केवाईसी ऑनलाइन पंजीकरण के लिए बायोमेट्रिक सत्यापन करें।

PM Kisan Beneficiary Status Check 2023

All PM kisan scheme aspirants are worried about how to check their beneficiary status for PM Kisan Kyc.To check PM kisan beneficiary is quite simple and here I have explained in detail how to check PM kisan beneficiary status .

  • 1.First Visit PM Kisan official web portal
  • 2.Now go to top right corner where beneficiary status button is available.
  • 3.Click on the beneficiary status button and enter the required details
  • 4.To check your name in PM kisan beneficiary list enter your adhar card number، mobile number and your land details.
  • 5.If you are facing difficulty while accessing and checking PM kisan beneifiacry status click on this direct link 

PM Kisan Kyc Samman Nidhi Eligibility Criteria:

The government of India has fixed a certain criteria and those farmers that falls under this criteria are eligible for PM Kisan Kyc Scheme.Here is the list of PM Kisan Kyc Samman Nidhi Eligibility Criteria:

  • 1.The farmer should be a citizen of India.
  • 2.The farmer should own cultivable land either in his/her name or in the name of any family member.
  • 3.The farmer’s landholding should not exceed 2 hectares of cultivable land.
  • 4.The farmer should have a valid Aadhaar card or should have applied for one.
  • 5.The farmer’s bank account should be linked to his/her Aadhaar number.
  • 6.The farmer should not be a beneficiary of any other central government scheme for farmers.
  • 7.The farmer should not be an income tax payer.

PM Kisan Kyc Samman Nidhi Yojana Benefits:

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna is a scheme launched by the Government of India in 2019  to provide financial assistance to small and marginal farmers. Here are the benefits of the scheme

1.Financial support

PM Kisan  provides financial support to farmers to meet their agricultural expenses, including buying seeds, fertilizers.The farmers get Rs 6000 per annum from government in 3 installment.The installment is paid after 4 months and Rs 2000 kist or installment is paid to every farmer.The next 14th installment is expected within 2 months so get ready for the next installment updates.

2.Empowerment of Farmers

With the implementation of the PM-KISAN KYC scheme, farmers can be empowered to take control of their financial future. The scheme helps in providing financial assistance to farmers, which can help them invest in their farms and improve their yields, thereby increasing their income and improving their standard of living.

3.Accurate Identification of Beneficiaries:

With the implementation of the PM Kisan KYC scheme, the government can ensure that the right beneficiaries receive the financial assistance. KYC helps in verifying the identity of farmers and eliminating the possibility of fraud or misappropriation of funds.

Overall, the PM Kisan  KYC scheme is an important step towards ensuring that farmers receive the financial assistance they deserve. It helps in promoting transparency, efficiency, and financial inclusion, which can go a long way in empowering farmers and improving their livelihoods

How To Apply for PM Kisan Kyc Scheme 2023

The farmers who wants to register themselves in PM kisan kyc yojna scheme have to follow a registration process.The PM kisan kyc scheme registration process is explained here in detail.Follow these guidelines apply online for PM kisan Scheme 2023.

  • 1.First of all visit PM Kisan kyc yojna official website 
  • 2.Now click on the top right corner where “Farmer Tab option is available”
  • 3.So click on farmer tab option and select New farmer registration option for PM kisan scheme.
  • 4.Now a new registration form will be opened where you have to provide all the details mentioned in PM kisan online registration form.
  • 5.Enter personal details such as name, gender, Aadhaar number, and bank account details.
  • 6.After entering personal details now provide  land-related details such as land ownership, cultivation details, and land records.
  • 7.Upload relevant documents such as Aadhaar card, bank account details, and land-related documents.
  • 8.Once you completely fill the PM kisan online application form now dually check and cross verify all the information you have provided in registration form.
  • 9.After cross verifying all the provided information click on the submit button available at the bottom of page.
  • 10.After submitting your online application save the application form copy with yourself for next process
  • 11.For more details or queries visit 

How to do KYC online for PM Kisan?

The farmers who are interested to get PM kisan benefits have to register online for PM kisan by visiting Provide your adhar card bank account and other details to complete your registration process.There is another way to complete PM kisan kyc process by visiting your nearest CSC centers.Provide your details and do biometric verification for PM Kisan kyc online registration.

Where can I check my KYC status in PM Kisan?

To check your Kyc Status in PM kisan directly visit PM kisan official web portal Click on “E-Kyc” option and you will be asked to enter adhar card number.Entet adhar card number and click on search now to know your PM Kisan kyc beneficiary status.

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