Sim Database Online 2023-Sim Information System

Sim Database Online 2023-Sim Information System

Sim Database online 2023 is now fully activated and all citizens can now check sim information by visiting sim information system website sim information system is developed by PTA to help and facilitate the citizens to check their sim database online record without visiting physically PTA or Mobile operators franchise offices.This cnic sim check online system gives us complete history of registered mobile numbers or sim information with numbers by just providing cnic of applicants.The sim database online system 2023 shows and give us complete record of CNIC , no of sims registered against cnic.The purpose of sim information system is to prevent the misuse of mobile phones sim and CNIC in illegal activities such as terrorism fraud or extortion.To check online pak sim database  visit sim cnic information government of Pakistan official webportal .

How To get Sim information via

Sim information is now made easy and very simple government of Pakistan and now everyone from anywhere can get their sim information details, sim database online history and sim cnic  information by visiting

1.First Visit sim information website 

2.Now in the middle of the web page of sim information website enter your cnic number

3.Click on check now and sim database system will start searching for your mobile number registered with pta along cnic information address and name.

4.This sim information live tracking tool is built on a large data model and it provides all the details of any citizen who have once get a sim through his cnic.

5.For more details about sim information and other enquiries visit pta website or cnic information system website .

Sim Database Online 2023-Sim Information System

SIM Information System 2023

SIM Information system 2023 was developed by Pakistan Telecom Authority PTA to facilitate the citizens to check their sim details by entering their cnic number.By using this system, citizens can check the number of SIMs issued against their CNICs from all mobile operators, as well as the status of each SIM (active, inactive, or blocked). They can also check the details of any SIMs that are not registered against their CNICs, which is important for security purposes.To use sik information system service, citizens can simply send their CNIC number to 668 through an SMS, and they will receive information about the number of SIMs issued against their CNICs, the mobile operator names, and the status of each SIM. Alternatively, citizens can visit the PTA’s website launched for sim information system  and enter their CNIC number to access the same information.

Sim Database Online 2023-Check Sim Information With Number

In Pakistan, it is possible to check the SIM information with number and registration details of any person through  SIM database online 2023 system.However, it is important to note that to check the SIM data online, one must have a valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number of the person in question. Without a valid CNIC number, it is not possible to check the SIM information accurately.There are many SIM checkers applications and software available on playstore and internet  that claim to provide accurate SIM information and CNIC information. However, it is important to be cautious of such applications and software, as many of them are fake and can steal user data. Therefore, it is highly advised to keep away from such fake apps and websites and not enter your CNIC information in these types of fraudulent platforms.

The only reliable and official portal to check the SIM database online is the Government of Pakistan website, It is recommended to  enter your CNIC information only on this website to check your SIM database online record. Other than this official website, it is highly recommended not to enter your CNIC number anywhere else, as this can lead to fraudulent activities.In same way you can check pak sim data online bu sending your cnic number to 668.

Sim Information System- Sim Database Online 2023

The SIM Information System is a valuable service developed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) that enables users to check their SIM card information conveniently.This system is developed in such a way that it provides complete sim database online record of any usesr if we only provide CNIC number to this system. Through this system, users can find out essential information about their SIM cards, including the network operator, registered numbers of SIMs, and complete SIM card history on their CNIC.

With the help of the SIM Information System, users can check online for complete SIM information, SIM database online records, and CNIC SIM check service records. To make it easier for users to access the CNIC information system and check the online database of SIM cards, PTA has launched a new website By visiting this website and entering their CNIC, users can access complete SIM information along with complete history.PTA has also introduced another method for users to access their CNIC SIM information. This involves sending their CNIC number to 668. Through this method, users can receive complete details about their SIM card information registered against their CNIC.

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