Sim Information System- Cnic Sim Check Online cnic information system

The SIM Information System is a service developed by PTA  that allows users to check their SIM card information, including the network operator, registered numbers of sims  and complete sims card history on cnic .The candidates with help of SIM information system can check  online complete sim information, sim database online, and cnic sim check service record.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has recently announced a number of updates to the SIM Information System (SIMS). These updates are aimed at improving the accuracy and efficiency of the system, as well as making it more user-friendly.The candidates can use live tracker sim data apps to get sim information system updates and information.

To help users to get cnic information system, and check online database of SIM PTA has developed a separate web porta . Visit cnic sims pk website enter your cnic to get complete sim information.The PTA has also introduced another method to get cnic SIM information by sending cnic number to 668.In this article you will get complete details about SIM information system,cnic sim check,sim database online record, sim card number details and complete guideline to find sim card information registered against your cnic. 

What is SIM Information System?

A SIM Information System is a centralised sim online database  that stores information about SIM cards issued by mobile service provider companies in Pakistan like Ufone, Zong, Telenor, Mobilink e.t.c . It typically includes details such as the name and address of the SIM card holder, the mobile phone number, and the SIM card’s serial number and Cnic information . Sim information system allows users to find out the total number of SIMs registered against one cnic.To check complete record of pak sim data, paksim ga and sim card history against cnic candidates have to visit sim card information website visit same sim card details can be checked by sending cnic number to 668 .

How to Check Your Sim Information With Number?

If any one wants to check sim information with number than follow this method to know about sim cards complete details against your cnic.

  • 1.First of visit sim  information system official website developed by Pakistan telecommunication authority PTA 
  • 2. Once you open the SIM  information system website you will see a box where you will be asked to enter your cnic.
  • 3. Now enter your cnic in this checkbox and click on check button.
  • 4. The SIM information system will scroll all yours online sim database history and after few minutes it will show a complete record of sim cards with number.
  • 5. The  cnic information system will also show your all Sims registered against your cnic, your complete address, and your sim card number.
  • 6.The SIM information system will also displays sim card information along with mobile operator company.
  • 7.If any one face difficulty while checking online sim card record than there is also alternate method
  • 8.Send your cnic number to 668 and you will receive a confirmation sms which will show all sims card history along with sim numbers registered against your cnic.
  • 9.For more details and sim information visit pta official website or visit sum information system official government website

Sim Database Online-check sim data online

You can check sim database online record of any person.But to check sim data online you must have a valid cnic number of that person.Without cnic number you cannot check pak sim data correctly.There are many sim checkers applications and software available in market that claims to provide accurate sim information and cnic information .So therefore it is advised to keep away from such fake apps that steals user data and don’t enter your cnic information in these types of fake apps and websites. The only reliable and official portal to check sim database online is government of Pakistan website . So only enter cnic information on this website to check your sim database record and other than this don’t enter your cnic number any where.

Sim Information System Database

How To check numbers of  Sims  registered against your CNIC:

As PTA has allowed every citizen having valid cnic can register maximum five sims against his own cnic. Anyone who has registered more than five sim on his  CNIC cannot apply or get extra sim registration on his cnic.To check number of sims   registered on your cnic follow the below method as explained.


2.Entrt your cnic number in checkbox

3.Once click on check box SIM information system will display list of sims registered on your cnic 

4.The same sim numbers against you cnic can be found by sending cnic number to 668.

How to check ufone number?

There are several method to check ufone number if you have forgot your ufone numberMethod1: Dial *780*3# and directly your ufone number will be displayed.
Method 2:Type MNP in your mobile messenger and send to 667. In response you will receive ufone sim number.

How can I know my SIM number through CNIC?

To check SIM number registered against your cnic simply visit . Enter your cnic number and you will see complete list of your sims registered against your cnic.You can also check sim number through cnic  by sending your cnic number to 668.

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