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Punjab driving license online apply

Good news for Punjab citizens that Punjab has announced online driving license facility f.This initiative was taken on direction of Caretaker CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi .The citizens will now get driving license online while staying at home .This online driving license will be expanded in all districts of Punjab in 2024.To apply on for driving license the aspirants have to visit Punjab driving license website www.dlims.punjab.gov.pk.

DLIMS is an abbreviation for Punjab Driving License Information System.The DLIMS is an online platform where citizens of Punjab can check their driving License information and application status. The citizen can access DLIMS via www.dlims.punjab.gov.pk.This system was developed by Punjab Information Technology Board PITB in 2017.The citizen can check their Driving license information through SMS or dlims Punjab web portal.This digital system allows the applicants to apply for new license, renew existing ones and managing various aspects of their license online.So if you face any difficulty to track dlims punjab license or any question in mind you should also visit www.dlims.net.pk as this site has covered dlims punjab driving license information in a very detailed and easy way.

ڈرائیونگ لائسنس نیچے بٹن میں معلوم کریں

Online Driving license 2024 in Punjab

A very good initiative of obtaining a learner driving license online in Punjab has been introduced. The E-driving license facility is now introduced in Punjab. Now candidates can Apply for driving license online in Punjab which is a very good initiative by Punjab care taker government.

Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi had introduced an online facility of getting driving license. The CM Naqvi said to the media that citizens can apply online through the Punjab Police app. The facility is also available at more than 700 police stations and at all Khidmat Marakiz in Pakistan.

It is important to note that dlims punjab gov pk register is now available for all the candidates who want to get their learner license.

پنجاب حکومت نے ڈرائیونگ لائسنس کی فیس نہ بڑھانے کا فیصلہ

پنجاب حکومت نگرا وزیراعلی محسن نقوی نے نو جنوری تک ڈرائیونگ لائسنس کے فیس نہ بڑھانے کا حکم جاری کر دیا پنجاب کے تمام لوگ جو اپنا لائسنس دوبارہ نیا کروا رہے ہیں یا کوئی نیا لائسنس بنوا رہا ہے تو وہ اس فیس پر بنوا سکتا ہے نو جنوری کے بعد ڈرائیونگ لائسنس کے فیس میں اضافہ کر دیا جائے گا یاد رہے کہ دس جنوری کو ڈرائیونگ لائسنس کے فیسوں میں اضافہ کر دیا جائے گا اور نئے فیس کا لسٹ بھی بنا دیا جائے گا پھر تمام لوگ نئے ڈرائیونگ لائسنس کی فیس کے مطابق ادائیگی کریں گے

How to Apply online for Learner’s License in Punjab 2024

  • First of all Create an account on the DLIMS website of Punjab Govt
  • Complete the online application form by filling all the columns correctly
  • Upload the required documents. Make sure you have pictures of your documents in your device before uploading
  • A payment slip ID will be generated. Pay your fees through ATM or online banking, or online mobile apps like easy paisa Jazz cash etc

How to download E-driving license in Punjab 2024

The traffic Punjab Police has introduced an e-driving license in Punjab to facilitate over 3 million drivers in the province.

Candidates can now download E driving license in Punjab easily from dlims official website. Driving License Information Management System (DLMIS) website is a very good platform for all drivers of Punjab to get all the information and facilities like dlims punjab delivery and others.

Dlims driving license Punjab portal can be used for different facilities like getting your license, Punjab driving license renewal online, Punjab driving license tracking. You can also get the E-driving license download pdf in your mobile.

How to get an E-driving license in Punjab

  • For getting Punjab E driving license you need to follow these steps
  • Visit the website dlims punjab gov pk 2. Click on ‘License Info Tab’ and then select ‘E-License’ on your phone.
  • Enter your 13 digits CNIC. Provide your Date of Birth.
  • Click on the box “I am not a robot”. Click on ‘Verify’ to proceed further
  • Now click on Download your E-Driving license.
  • In this way you can download your License in your mobile.

Punjab Govt launches online learner driving license App

The Punjab government has introduced an Online learning License app to facilitate the people of the province to get all the relevant information on their phones through learning License online app facility.

The traffic police Punjab has also played its important role in getting their learner license in Punjab. Dlims driving license Punjab portal is platform introduced in this regard to get online learning License.

Dlims Punjab gov pk register is the website through which applicants can register themselves. The learning driving License App purpose is to provide the applicants an accessible and easy way of getting their license.

Using this app, Punjab citizens may easily apply for their Learner’s Driving Licenses sitting at their homes. Punjab driving license fee and Punjab driving license renewal fee details can also be checked here.

The new app also enables you to know Punjab driving license delivery status and Punjab driving license tracking. As said by the Punjab government the Punjab driving license App will start working from December 2023.

Punjab Driving license App

This learning License app will be active by the end of December 2023. Through this app the facilities of renewal of driving license, international license online and duplicate license can be used.

Through this app the citizens will get an opportunity to get their driving licenses at their homes.

Punjab driving license renewal online is also available for ease of the applicants through which they get their Punjab driving license tracking and get their license renewed in case their driving license is expired.

Punjab driving license helpline number – Traffic Police Punjab Contacts

Punjab Driving license helpline and Traffic Police Punjab Contacts are given below:

DLIMS Punjab License Apply Method

Address: Qurban Police Lines, Lahore.
Phone No: (042) 99204619-20

Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Traffic Police Regional Offices and Driving Licensing Offices in Punjab can be contacted for any help regarding driving license queries and information.

Punjab driving license online application format

Key Features of DLIMS System in Punjab

Online Application Process: DLIMS enables individuals to apply for a driving license online, eliminating the need to visit physical offices and stand in long queues.

Centralized Database: All driving license data is stored in a centralized database, ensuring accurate record-keeping and reducing the chances of fraudulent activities.

Document Verification: The system incorporates advanced document verification techniques to prevent the use of fake or forged documents.

Real-time Updates: Applicants receive real-time updates on the status of their applications, allowing them to track their progress conveniently.

Renewal and Modifications: DLIMS offers online renewal and modification services, making it convenient for license holders to update their information or extend their licenses without hassle.

Integration with Law Enforcement: Law enforcement agencies have access to the DLIMS database, enabling them to verify licenses quickly during routine checks.

Punjab driving license online apply

How To Apply for DLIMS Punjab Driving License

  • The requirements for obtaining a driving license in Punjab vary depending on the type of license you are applying for. However, the general requirements include:
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a valid NIC or passport.
  • You must pass a medical examination.
  • You must complete a driving school course or have at least 6 months of driving experience.
  • You must pay the application fee and the test fee.
  • You must pass the written and practical tests.

Fee Schedule For Computerized Driving License in Punjab:

Motor Cycle50500550
2Motor Car150750900
3Delivery Van60280340
8Road Ruler100500600
9Loco Moto140660800
10Invalid Carriage20100120
11Motor Cycle + Car200750950
12Motor Cycle + LTV200750950
13Motor Cycle + Rickshaw100450550
14Motor CAB + Rickshaw100450550
15LTV + PSV150750900
16HTV + PSV20010001200

Required Documents for Learner License In Punjab

  • A copy of your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • A ticket of Rs. 60 from any post office
  • A code book of traffic rules and regulations from the traffic police office
  • A medical certificate from an authorized medical practitioner
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