Work Charge Man Class 4 Jobs in CBDC Lahore Department

CBDC lahore Department of Inhar Lahore announced multiple number of work charge man class 4 level jobs.The jobs announced by CDBC department Lahore includes computer operator, Supervisor,Electrician, Sweeper, Imam Masjid, Naid Qasid and Driver e.t.c jobs . All candidates who are eligible to apply for cdbc Lahore Jobs have to submit all the documents up to 25th June 2022. After initia scootny the candidates have to appear for interview on 30th June 2022 and where the selection of candidates will be take place. The candidates who will be selected for employeement will have to make a bond with cdbc Lahore. The candidates will have no right to be considered as a permanent apply and can be deferred from the job anytime. The address for the cdbc jobs is exactive engineer cdbc Lahore canal bank mustafa abad Lahore.

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